What’s Fuelling the Current Crypto Pullback?

High volatility is a key feature of Crypto trading. After reaching all-time highs in mid-April, Bitcoin plunged to 3-month lows on May 19, 2021, dropping temporarily to $30,000 on May 21. Ethereum (ETH) was also down more than 40% in less than 24 hours, breaking below $2,000.

The current Top 3 Altcoins

Bitcoin (BTC/USD) traders have had an eventful year so far in 2021. The king of all cryptos surged to an all-time high of $64,863 on April 14, ahead of the Coinbase IPO . This was almost 10 times the BTC price in April 2020. However, outside of Bitcoin lies an exciting world of cryptocurrencies otherwise known as altcoins.

Busting the Biggest Myths about Tokenomics

It’s been a little more than a decade since blockchain technology was invented. During this time, there have been significant developments in the crypto sphere. We are constantly seeing new, and sometimes bewildering, terms and definitions related to technological, legal, and informational trends.

Why Affiliates Choose to Partner with Crypto Brokers

From fulfilling the digital expectations of clients to navigating the ever-changing regulatory landscape, the best way to make your life as an affiliate easier, is to partner with the right broker. 

Market Depth from CryptoGT

Market liquidity influences every aspect of trading, from execution speed to the spread. In simple terms, it tells the trader how many buyers and sellers are present in the market and how quickly transactions can take place. The more buyers and sellers, the greater the market liquidity. Depth of Market (DoM) or Market Depth is an important tool in this regard. It helps monitor the available volume and prices of an asset in real-time.

GTi12 – One of the Fastest Growing Crypto Indices of 2020-21

The cryptocurrency market might have seen a meteoric run in 2020, but it still is characterised by high volatility. While this offers multiple trading opportunities for experienced traders, it is also the reason why newbies fear crypto trading. This is where indices come to the rescue. With an index, whether a stock index or a crypto FX index, a trader can judge the overall market sentiment and make informed trading decisions. In fact, many successful traders recommend adding indices to effectively diversify trading portfolios.

Advancements in Blockchain and How They Impact Crypto Prices

An unprecedented global crisis rocked the financial markets in 2020. To counter the pandemic-induced economic crisis, governments injected massive amounts of money into their economies. In the United States, $9 trillion was injected into the economy, constituting 22% of all USD ever created.

The Growing Acceptance of Cryptocurrencies

The massive U-turn by JPMorgan, from calling Bitcoin a “fraud,” to announcing the JPM Coin in February 2019, should have been a clue to the potential of cryptocurrencies seeing mainstream acceptance.

What Institutional Investors Say About Bitcoin Prospects in 2021

Following in the footsteps of a momentous year, Bitcoin started 2021 with a bang. The cryptocurrency was trading below $4,000 in March, when the pandemic hit the world. It had gained 224% by mid-December, ending the year at over $29,000.
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