15th Apr 2021

Why Affiliates Choose to Partner with Crypto Brokers

Article Table of Contents:

Earn More Through a Sub-Affiliate Hierarchy
Real-Time Accurate Commissions
Unmatched Trading Conditions
Attractive Marketing Tools

From fulfilling the digital expectations of clients to navigating the ever-changing regulatory landscape, the best way to make your life as an affiliate easier, is to partner with the right broker. The right partnership will not only give you access to cutting-edge trading platforms and conditions for your clients but will also bolster your marketing efforts with bespoke tools and 24/7 dedicated support. 

CryptoGT provides a multi-level affiliate structure that can help you to enhance your market competitiveness.  Moreover, you get to partner with a renowned Crypto broker that the world’s first dedicated crypto brokerage that offers powerful MT5 technology specially configured for crypto trading, along with complete transparency. When you trust the offerings you market, it becomes easier to foster trust among your potential clients.

Here’s how affiliates can benefit from the CryptoGT programme.

Earn More Through a Sub-Affiliate Hierarchy

Possibility of earning commissions  through a multi-level affiliate structure. Commissions can be earned from the trading activity of your sub-affiliates too. This means that if your sub-affiliate recruits another affiliate under them, you will also be entitled to a portion of their total earnings. Additionally, earnings from commissions can be transferred as trading balance to your personal account with CryptoGT. 

Real-Time Accurate Commissions

The CryptoGT affiliate model supports complete transparency and accuracy in commission pay-outs. When you register as an affiliate, a read-only MT5 BTC account will be opened for you, where you can check your earnings regularly. Every time a client under your affiliate structure registers with CryptoGT and closes a trading position, the relevant commission, in BTC, will instantly get deposited in your account. There is no minimum required amount for pay-outs.

Unmatched Trading Conditions

Enhance market reputation by directing your audience to CryptoGT, a broker with world-class trading conditions in the cryptocurrency market. Moreover, all deposits, withdrawals, and commissions are in cryptocurrencies, making transfers to personal wallets an effortless process. 
  • Multiple tradable assets including 60+ pairs in 4 asset classes
  • Tight spreads and competitive leverage
  • Deposit and withdrawal options in 18 cryptocurrencies
  • Zero fees for withdrawals and deposits
  • 24/7 customer support
  • Expert Advisors
  • Attractive bonus programmes
  • Tier-1 liquidity
  • Robust security of client funds and KYC protocols
  • GTi12 index - an Unweighted Price-Index owned and administered by CryptoGT.

The index tracks the performance of 12 major cryptocurrencies offered by the platform.

The GTi12 index can be accessed on the MT5 desktop, web and mobile terminals. The MT5 terminal has been specifically configured to suit the volatile trading environment of the crypto markets. It is one of the fastest and most stable platforms in the world, giving offering traders the control and speed needed to capture market volatility.

Attractive Marketing Tools

As a partner, exceptional support is provided by CryptoGT,  including bespoke marketing materials, such as:
  • Social media and marketing content, to build a strong online presence and cultivate a broad community online.
  • Bespoke landing pages on request, to generate leads and drive conversions. These allow you to make a positive first impression, to increase your organic search traffic and enhance engagement.
  • Wide collection of banners to drive brand awareness and target specific customers.
  • Multiple referral links, to increase your marketing reach and customer retention rate.

With such a powerful suite of marketing material, you can boost conversions and build credibility simultaneously.

Partner with CryptoGT, a well-established brand and invest in your long-term success.

Sign up now with CryptoGT and start earning from your client’s very first trade! 
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