Trading PlatformsMetatrader 5 Desktop / Web Trader / IOS / Android
Account CurrencyBTC, BCH, ETH, DSH, LTC, XMR, XRP, ADA, USDT,
Margin Requirements/LeverageUp to 1:500
Negative Balance Protection
Asset ClassesForex, Cryptocurrencies, Metals, Equity Indices, Synthetic Cryptos, GTi12, DeFi Tokens, NFTs
Maximum DepositX
Minimum DepositBTC: 0.0001, ETH: 0.05, XRP: 25, ADA: 10, USDT (ERC20): 25, USDT (TRC20): 25,
ZEC: 0.1, LTC: 0.1, DSH: 0.1, USDC: 25, PAX: 25, BCH: 0.05
Minimum WithdrawalBTC: 0.0001, ETH: 0.05, XRP: 25, ADA: 10, USDT (ERC20): 25, USDT (TRC20): 25,
ZEC: 0.1, LTC: 0.1, DSH: 0.1, USDC: 25, PAX: 25, BCH: 0.05
Order executionMarket
SpreadsStarting from: 1.4 pips on EUR/USD & USD/JPY, $2.50 on BTCUSD and $0.30 on XAUUSD
Margin Call80%
Stop Out50%
Maximum Number of Positions and Pending Orders200
Limit & Stop Levels


The spreads indicated depend on market conditions and may widen as a result of news announcements, unexpected events, political uncertainty, or at the end of day and during weekends when liquidity is low. Any spread widening is an action of the market and the Company has no influence over it.


Margin Requirements

Min / Max Lot Size

Limit & Stop Levels

Trading Sessions

Order Execution

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