Crypto CurrencyCurrencyMin DepositProcessing TimeFeesDeposit Fund
BTC0.0001From 1 to 30 minutes*No FeesFund
BCH0.05From 1 to 30 minutes*No FeesFund
ETH0.05From 1 to 30 minutes*No FeesFund
DSH0.1From 1 to 30 minutes*No FeesFund
LTC0.1From 1 to 30 minutes*No FeesFund
XMR0.01From 1 to 30 minutes*No FeesFund
XRP25From 1 to 30 minutes*No FeesFund
ADA10From 1 to 30 minutes*No FeesFund
USDT25From 1 to 30 minutes*No FeesFund
PAX25From 1 to 30 minutes*No FeesFund
TUSD0.000From 1 to 30 minutes*No FeesFund
USDC25From 1 to 30 minutes*No FeesFund
ZEC0.1From 1 to 30 minutes*No FeesFund
XLM0.00001000From 1 to 30 minutes*No FeesFund
Crypto CurrencyCurrencyMin WithdrawalProcessing TimeFeesWithdrawals Fund
BTC0.0001Within 24 HoursNo FeesWithdrawal
BCH0.05Within 24 HoursNo FeesWithdrawal
ETH0.05Within 24 HoursNo FeesWithdrawal
DSH0.1Within 24 HoursNo FeesWithdrawal
LTC0.1Within 24 HoursNo FeesWithdrawal
XMR0.01Within 24 HoursNo FeesWithdrawal
XRP25Within 24 HoursNo FeesWithdrawal
ADA10Within 24 HoursNo FeesWithdrawal
USDT25Within 24 HoursNo FeesWithdrawal
NEM0.0001Within 24 HoursNo FeesWithdrawal
PAX25Within 24 HoursNo FeesWithdrawal
TUSD0.000Within 24 HoursNo FeesWithdrawal
USDC25Within 24 HoursNo FeesWithdrawal
ZEC0.1Within 24 HoursNo FeesWithdrawal
EOS1Within 24 HoursNo FeesWithdrawal
XLM0.00001000Within 24 HoursNo FeesWithdrawal


  • Withdrawals are done manually on a 24/7 basis. The time it takes to process a withdrawal ranges from 1 hour to 48 hours, though it is usually closer to 1 hour. You can deposit any of the below Cryptos and convert them instantly using the built-in Transfer/Conversion service from your Trader Room.
  • Withdrawals exceeding the equivalent of 5000 USD will require the submission of KYC documents such as passport or official government ID, utility bill as proof of address.
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CryptoGT currently accepts only cryptocurrencies as method of deposit.
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