What Beginners should know about Cryptocurrency Investing

You must have heard about Bitcoin and 'altcoins. Bitcoin and this convention showed up in the business sectors in 2011. Bitcoin's clones, seek to serve a specific purpose and be "better" than Bitcoin. Hence, more and more crypto has risen in order to eliminate bitcoin dominance and are picking up piece of the pie at a disturbing rate. The progress has been vast and radical. 

Cryptocurrency, Stocks, and Fiat 

The types of money and currency we have all known so far are called 'fiat' by Cryptocurrency network. Nevertheless, Cryptocurrencies, even though they are regarded as currency, they are more similar to stocks. Buying Cryptocurrency is like buying tech stock together with a part of the blockchain and the network. 

Cryptocurrency Exchanges 

The most widely recognized place for purchasing  and exchanging Cryptocurrency is on the exchanges, where you can purchase and sell your Cryptocurrency with fiat. There are various ways to examine the quality of a trade, such as liquidity, spread, charges, buy and withdrawal limits, exchanging volume, security, if they are user-friendly and so on. Coinbase is one of the best exchange services undoubtedly, mostly for beginners, It is important to also mention the 100% crypto insurance it provides. 

In order to buy Bitcoin, set up an intermediary bank account and verify your detail with Coinbase.

  1. Access the "Buy/Sell Bitcoin" tab 
  2. Select the installment technique utilizing the drop-down menu 
  3. Enter the coveted amount
  4. Click "Buy Bitcoin Instantly".   View your credited Bitcoins on your dashboard 

When you become familiar with purchasing crypto and want to proceed with exchanging (e.g. BTC/ETH), just transfer from Coinbase to GDAX for free and start trading. In Coinbase you can purchase and store your crypto and GDAX as your margin trading platform. Also, transfer between the two are instant and free. 

As you gradually learn more and more about other currencies, you will possibly prefer to also invest in them. Bittrex and Polo are such options with a multiple choices.

When you do join these two, or any of them, make sure you verify your account with the required documents early as you would prefer to eliminate chances for moderate administrator work when the exchanging opportunity comes. Verification of these exchanges may actually take days, and purchase/withdraw limits may just increment steadily as you exchange. 

Note that if you are using other than USD, check also exchange’s ease of funding and withdrawal in order to avoid your trade to come into fiat withdrawal issues. 

Cryptocurrency Wallets

Exchanges have inbuilt online wallets to keep your Cryptocurrency. In case  you don't wish to keep your crypto possessions on the exchange, you have the choice to either utilize a paper wallet benefit like myetherwallet.com or equipment wallet like KeepKey. Both effectively remove platform risk, at the expense of taking the responsibility of protecting your Cryptocurrency. 

To transfer your crypto from exchanges to your wallet for long term storage, just do the below, using Coinbase and KeepKey for instance: 

  • Plug in your KeepKey USB cable
  • Open your KeepKey Client (on Google Chrome under Apps)
  • Find your wallet address on the KeepKey Client UI
  • Access Coinbase ‘Send/Request’ tab and input your KeepKey wallet address
  • Confirm amount and click ‘Send Funds’ 

Better send a small amount for testing first (e.g. 0.0001 BTC) before sending more in order to avoid the unlikely event of amount loss. A small network exchange expense might occur. 

Cryptocurrency as a Percentage of Your Investment Portfolio 

Crypto can possibly make people wealthy, however its unpredictability makes it eccentric. Be careful and make sure you invest only the money you can afford to lose. The upside is big, but it comes with dangers and risks. 

A preservationist portfolio w would propose is as per the following: 

This is not meant to be age discriminatory but considers the fact that one takes up more financial responsibilities (mortgage, family) as he grows older.Within the designated crypto share of your portfolio, you may diversify your coins based on your risk appetite. 

Note that crypto is currently in a colossal positively trending business sector and anything could ascend after some time. Likewise, this can be a bubble. In any case, put forth these inquiries previously you choose to put resources into a coin: Are my speculations safe with the dev group? The main lead of contributing ought to dependably be the protection of capital. Would you be able to trust the dev group with your cash? Is it true that you are going to leave your cash with authors who have been associated with past tricks? On the off chance that you see these telling signs, back off quickly. The coin's cost may develop though you couldn't care less, yet it is simply not justified, despite any potential benefits to put your capital at such hazard. Does my coin of intrigue have a long haul plan? On the off chance that you can't comprehend their yellow paper, at any rate read their white paper. What are the group attempting to accomplish? Do they have the methods, or have they as of now moved in the direction of their objectives? What are the timetables and turning points? Does my coin of premium appear as though an all around advertised arrangement with no reinforcement? Bunches of ICOs nowadays simply have a pretty website page, and afterward they're dispatched out to offer. Watch out for these: would they say they are ready to convey? To what extent would it be a good idea for me to remain in this? Do I have an exit plan? 

There will be coins where you would prefer not to hold everlastingly, however wish to flip for some transient increases.  For this situation, make sure to set a time allotment, or a leave cost, to lessen to impact of feelings on your exchanges. Adhere to your arrangement and watch your feelings. Does it have a genuine utilize case? A few coins appear to continue expanding in esteem essentially because of supply-request factors. This pattern probably won't be economical. For a coin to have long haul upheld esteem, it must perform a genuine usage case inevitably. Pay attention to coins that look excessively like a get-rich-speedy plan. 

Short Term Trading with Margin

When you get acquainted with crypto, you might need to exchange on your 'stash' with expectations of expanding it. For the accomplished forex brokers, this is just the same old thing new. However, for the new crypto financial specialist, you might need to brief up on the best way to make a leveraged trade. 

Short Term Trading takes advantages of incoming news to make a brisk buck. In the event that you anticipate uplifting news from an up and coming arrival of a coin, an upcoming release of a coin, you may want to open a long and see how it goes. Remember, buy the rumor, sell the news; act fast and be daring if you wish to make a profit with short term trading. 


For those who are pleased even with predictable form of reward then mining is the solution. Mining includes setting up  rig, consisting of GPUs or CPUs and an investment in the electricity. Mining is just conceivable on Cryptocurrencies that take after the Proof of Work protocol. It requires effort to setup and gets things running, even though it is mostly preferred as a long-term passive income as long as you frontload the work. 


Staking is the Proof of Stake variant of "mining". Think of this as making profits on your stock. The reward rate and staking strategy vary extraordinarily among Proof of Stake coins, however it mostly requires less effort when contrasted with mining. 


As you submit various exchanges, you may wish to purchase from one trade and sell toanother to make 'arbitrage' gains when you detect an arbitraging opportunity. Observe two things on the off chance that you wish to do as such: make sure to factor in expenses, and recall that the cost could change when you are exchanging your coin between trades, particularly amid unpredictable occasions. USD has a tendency to be fluid so this happens less for it, yet for different monetary forms, for example, CAD (Canadian dollar) and SGD (Singapore dollar), there may exist all the more arbitraging chances to misuse.

Risk Disclosure: Cryptocurrencies are influenced products. CryptoGT associated with foreign exchange, common assets and other underlying variables, involves a high level of risk and a possibility of loss of some or all of your investment.Please consider carefully whether trading or investing in bitcoin is appropriate to your financial situation. Only risk capital should be used when trading or investing in bitcoin. You must review Terms of Service and this Risk Disclosure prior to establishing an account.

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