General Questions

1. Is my Money Safe with CryptoGT?

CryptoGT is a brand name operated by Hatio Ltd. Hatio Ltd is a registered company in Marshall Islands, with registration number 90645 and has its registered address on Trust Company Complex, Ajeltake Road, Ajeltake Island, Majuro, Republic of the Marshall Islands MH96960.

The protection of our clients' funds is our primary concern, therefore, we undertake the following:

Capital & Reserves
We maintain one of the strictest capital ratios in the industry. Whereas the typical capital-to-risk weighted exposure ratio of the most reputable regulators is generally at approximately 12%, we consistently maintain a ratio of 40% adequacy. This allows us and, subsequently, our users, to feel safe even in the most turbulent of periods. 

Tier 1 Banking
Clients' funds are held in creditworthy, highly-rated financial institutions. 

Segregation of Funds
Clients' funds are segregated from the Company's own funds, making them 100% available for clients at all times. 

Risk Management
We have designed strong internal policies and procedures and set certain thresholds that are constantly being monitored, allowing us to effectively identify potential risks. 

Healthy Revenue
Our strong standing in the market is perhaps the best insurance and protection of our company and its traders.

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3. What is CryptoGT's brokerage model?

4. Can I become an Partner?


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