Privacy Policy

  1. Having access, visit or use this website or any other web pages on the site, you agree to abide by the agreements and any of these terms.
  2. One of our most important priorities is protecting your privacy. This policy in question indicates how we collect all information about Website users, what the information will be used for, and what users can do to protect their privacy as well.
  3. This policy abides on all information that has been collected or submitted on the Company's website. You may be able to perform financial transactions, present data; make requests, register to gain access to materials and others. The types of personal information that may be asked on the Website are; users name, telephone number, home address, bank account details, email address, credit card number, etc., and whether it relates to yourself, or to third parties, in which you acted on behalf of any of such party. The Website may combine information extracted from different sources. You may from time to time, update your information by accessing your account on the site and also act by the "updating your information" instructions you will find there. You at this moment agree that because of legal reasons, some of your information cannot be changed once submitted.
  4. The website may also collect other types of information, as logged by its servers such as your IP address, date and time of your visit, browser type and language, to place particular user trend or prevent some users from accessing Website. The Website may assign one or more cookies to your computer, which may collect information in order to help facilitate access to the site, as well as to personalize your online experience, and in addition, make use of non-standard and standard internet tools, which includes web beacons or monitoring programs, which helps to collect information to track your website usage and allows it to customize our promotions and services.
  5. All the personal information you give to us shall never be disclosed to any third party without your consent. The only reason this can happen is where information; 

    a.)    Is needed to be disclosed to other related companies of ours.

    b.)    Has already been displayed publicly by you, and as a result was known to us publicly.

    c.)    Becomes known publicly and made available generally after you have disclosed it to us and which was not caused by our actions or inactions.

    d.)    Is needed by law and regulation to be displayed, and in such a case, we shall notify you in advance of the proposed disclosure. A copy of any written order or request will be sent as a notification, with a view to give you the privilege to limit or restrict such disclosure.

    e.)    We were made to know by a third part where there is a breach of any of our obligations hereunder; it is usually developed by us independently, without reference to the information you disclosed or was known to us, without any restriction, at the time you disclosed it, as shall also be shown and evidenced by written documents.

    f.)    There is need to disclose it for our rights to be protected

  6. We have successfully put in place the right physical, electronic as well as managerial procedures to secure and safeguard the information we collate online and to also maintain data accuracy, prevent unauthorized access, and ensure the right use of information.
  7. To protect child privacy, we also do not collect or keep individuals of users younger than 18 years of age unknowingly; we do not have any part of our website structured to attract people under 18.
  8. According to your desire, you may choose or request not to receive emails, or newsletter from the Website or delete, decline cookies by just changing the settings of your browser.

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